Who we are

A handful of people who like to think that they’ve managed to preserve their idealism. We were established in 2010, probably not the best moment for such a venture, but at that time we were too afraid not to do it. Because that’s how we define courage: a well-tempered fear.

We’ve been candidates and we’ve been clients, but most of all we’re trying to be human, accountable for others’ paths and searches, which makes us even more responsible for ours. We do what we like to do, fostering a friendly environment and a human approach, without pretending that it functions every and any time.

We question life and the world around us, we like a lot of the things we see, yet others make us wonder and we take everything as mere opportunities to demonstrate that things can be done differently. With a lot of common sense and with everybody’s welfare in mind. We truly believe that the endeavour to put oneself in the other’s shoes is more important than ever.

We wanted to write about the things that matter, so we launched PortalHR and this is how we learned more about Social Media and the online universe. We got a lot of requests for CV templates, so we created CV Advisor.

We’ve been working in HR for 12, 20, 23 years… that is for more than 10 years J We have been working together for at least 3 years or for almost 14. We are economists, humanists, geographs, which is why we thought it would be useful to be licensed in: Hogan Assessment, Human Synergistics, Thomas International.




Our Team


MadalinaMădălina Uceanu – Senior Recruitment Consultant & Founder

In the office we call her “The First Lady”, she turns on the light every time she enters the door (even when it’s not needed), talks fast, she could baffle you if you do not pay attention and thinks she can do in 5 minutes what others do in 10. She can’t, so she is always in a hurry and late. But she is lucky to be surrounded by people as idealist as she is, who have had the courage to join her and work on building the path together. Each path and everybody’s path!



anca-dumitrache-careeradvisorAnca Milushev – Senior Recruitment Consultant

“5 minutes until we have to leave/start the meeting/discuss with the client.” We do not need a clock when she is around. Nor do we need inspiration, as she amazes us with the details she sees in everything she does. When a car stops on a bridge in the morning, on the way to work, we know it will only take her a few moments to photograph something that looks amazing through her lenses. She is as serious about her work as she is about the passions illuminating her.



andreea-calinAndreea Călin – Co-Founder and Content Manager (PortalHR)

If we every need an aide memoire regarding the “right path” in what we are doing, we know who we can count on. A sort of resistance pillar who helps us make sure that PortalHR talks about who we are and the things we believe in. A ton of common sense and dependability. By saying little when talking about her, you say a lot. Our hard essence.




Cristina Grigore – Accounting & Office Assistant

She is the real “boss” around here, nothing happens unless we talk to Cristina. Sometimes we overwhelm her, as we know she can solve everything fast. “Mădă, your route planner”, “Anca, your holiday request”, “Listen, could we be more careful with expenditures here? ”. If we were looking for an example of a dependable, curios person with a desire to learn which equals only our need for air, that would be Cristina. Our lovely boss .